Another school outfit

Yay! As of 9:30 pm, Calgary time, my blog has already 2100 views and it’s only been a week and five days! You guys are the best!!! KEEP CHECKING GUYS! To be honest, I’ve been through a lot of hard times these past few days but I still make sure that I blog, because I feel better knowing that someone out there is waiting for my next post!

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! I PROMISE, I will give a pair of Das or Gold dot to my avid reader! So keep checking for the next few weeks or months. Oh, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are!! I realized that most of my viewers are my friends anyways. lol

So today, I was not really in the mood to “dress up”. So, I wore a stare-at-me color pants to create style while not really doing anything.

top: Zara ($35); bottom: skinny rose-coloured jeans by UO ($29)

Oh yes. I try to straighten my hair for my photos from now on. I could not find my Bricato hair straightener before and that explains why my hair for my first few blogs was up in a bun or was wavy.

bag: UO ($69); shoes: boots Aldo ($150)

necklace: HM; ring: forever21; connector ring: Aldo


Apple, strawberry… YUM!!!

I was too lazy to blog, to be honest. But I know that if I don’t blog today, then I’ll get the habit of skipping blogging! Sorry guys if it’s a short one! Watch out for my post tomorrow though! I will do an outdoor shot (crossing my fingers)! I will make it up to you tomorrow, guys!! :)

Hope you’re having a good day, or had a good day! Thank you for reading! :)

I got a package!! What’s DAS?!?!

I don’t know if you guys saw that photo I posted on Facebook with the waybill or tracking information. Well, yeah, that package HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!!! Take a guess what it is!!

I came home from my clinical at around 2 pm yesterday and I was so sleepy since I only had less than 2 hours of sleep last night! Blame personal problems!! :( Let’s not talk about that.  So yeah, thirty minutes after someone rang our door bell… IT’S THE DHL GUY!!!! He was carrying this….

Note: I just want to tell you now, that I am too tired to edit the photos. So these photos are straight from my camera.

I was laughing so hard… look at that special instruction sticker for x-ray!! They actually opened the box and resealed it. I do not blame them. I think they could not believe that they are…. (what are they anyways? lol)

So when I opened it, I saw this black dust bag that reminded me of the bazaar that I went to.

then I opened it…

and it was….

DAS 22 bay-beyyy!

DAS amazing!

DAS so cool!

DAS so hot!!



yung parang sinagot ka ng crush mo sa mga Filipino

More photos.

Now, I’m going to compare my Das 22 with my JC Nightwalk snakeskin.

First, here’s what my JC Nightwalk looks like.



Now let’s get more into details…

My Das22 weighs 1 lb (per shoe)

While my Nightwalk weighs 12 oz only.

So for comfortability and easiness to walk in, I would say my Nightwalk wins.

But I must tell you first why my Das 22 is heavy.

Das 22′s platform is  very sturdy and what I mean by that, you can swing your body back and forth ( or if you want to be more creative, whip your hair back and forth lol) and you will NOT fall or be out of balanced! Well, that’s my experience!  In addition the bottom or the plantar (now I’m using nursing terms) of the shoes are well-made. See here?

It reminds me of my elementary black school shoes! I guess Philippine shoes do have that kind of sole and heel! :) )

OH yeah, I just have to say that they are not made of suede, but they are perfect! I don’t know if the owners chose the best one for me but these shoes are just perfectly made!!!!

These Das 22, you could say, are Nightwalk dupes but WAY BETTER! Just look at that style! JUST LOOK AT THAT!!!

gutter install
home gutters
gutter installation in Spartanburg SC
home gutters Conroe TX
home gutters Minot
rain gutter installation in Rockville
home gutters Mesa
rain gutter installation Tampa FL
rain gutter installation in Bethlehem PA
gutter installation in Bellingham WA

Another thing… I know.. you want to know the price.

Should I tell you the price? I kinda don’t want to.

Well, since having a blog made my life public, I’ll share it with you.

DAS 22 is Php 5,500.

The thing though is I had to pay another Php 2014 for shipping. (From Philippines to Canada, delivery time was ONLY 3 DAYS – UNBELIEVABLE) In Canadian dollars, I paid $180 through paypal. Yes, they do have Paypal which was awesome!!

If I compare that with my JC Nightwalk, the JC’s were only $165 Cad dollars.

Are they worth the money?!?! DEFINITELY!!!! I would buy from Das over and over again!!! :)

My goal for 2014 is to support Philippine fashion industry because seriously, Filipino designers are very talented! And this purchase is the first of many overseas shopping. :)

Big in Japan – Kimono + GD Karl

This is my second blog for today/tonight! If you haven’t checked my sheer skirt + JC Lana blog, then just click here. I still have to finish my reflective paper for my nursing clinical after this. Let’s talk about nursing first! As some of you may know, I’m only on my second year of Nursing. I love being a nurse. I just love helping people, and making them feel “better”. I realized though that the downside of being nurse, aside from their “uniform”, is that my heart breaks every time I see a patient not feeling well. :)

Have you heard that song Big in Japan by Martin Solveig? That’s my inspiration for this outfit.

Are you tired of your boring cardigans, or think that blazers are too formal? When I went to Philippines for vacation, me bringing a lot of clothes every time I travel, I brought 4 blazers! Oh yeah! I didn’t even wear them even once!! It was too hot!!! So if you want to try to layer, but those blazers, cardigans, etc. are not for you.. then try KIMONOS! Yes! The Japanese inspired Kimonos!

I honestly think that this fashion trend started due to all the calamities that happened n Japan, and basically wearing their national costume is a way to support Japan. Even though Japan is a very rich country, let’s include them in our prayers! 

Kimono: HM ($16.50)

Oh. Here are more photos of me rocking my kimono!  I am a modern Geisha!

I realized that this second photo IS blurry! I will seriously be thankful my whole life if someone can teach me how to use my Canon T2i! :(

fringe necklace: DIY (click here for tutorial) wedges: GOLD DOT

I believe these wedges are called Kookie wedges (edited: they are actually KARL wedges). I bought this when I went to Rockwell when I visited Philippines. It was actually my first purchase of Gold dot. They are so unique and so stylish! If I’m not mistaken, they were around Php 3000 – Php 3500 because they weren’t on sale. Comfortability? They rock! You will know that you are wearing wedges, if you know what I mean, but I actually find them really comfortable!

I heard that GOLD DOT is having a FLASH SALE, from 50% – 80% so add or like their facebook fan page! :)

Here’s a closer look of my KARL wedges:

Aren’t they so pretty? They give me giggles every time I look at them!

Here’s another picture of me rocking my kimono and Karl wedges! OOH, they both starts with letter K! lol

That’s me with my fierce face! :)

So how should I end this blog? Hmmm…

Where ever you are, dream BIG!!! Whether you are in the Philippines, Canada, US, or Japan, be something BIG!

Be Big in JAPAN

Be Big in Philippines

Be Big in Canada….

Sheer skirt and Jeffrey Campbell Lana

Did you miss me guys? lol These photos were taken yesterday. I didn’t want to post it actually, it was one of those shoots that you don’t look good on each and every photos! These three are “better” than the other ones, so I’m sharing it with you. Something to look at when you’re bored! Right? lol

dress: venus cut dress by HM ($19); skirt: DIY sheer maxi skirt; belts: Aldo ($20)

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lana multicolor ($140)

So if you feel that it’s too much exposure for your legs, add some sheer skirt – LAYER! Let those guys stare on your skirt! Make them suffer! :) )

Now for the shoes, OH EM GEE!!! I died when I wore this!!! THEY ARE JUST SOOO COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH! I am so excited for summer when I can wear shorts, skirts, and moooreee colors!! I bought this from Karmaloop, and I got discounts and free shipping for this! These Lana are actually really big, and what I mean by that is… they’re huge! They’re even bigger also taller than the Litas. I love them though, I love JC! :)

It was sooo cold outside since it was already sunset! So I didn’t even bother finding a good spot for the photos that explains the front door! :) )

I’ll be posting 2 more blogs tonight! READ IT OKAY?!?! (That’s me being bossy) lol

1 outfit post, and 1…. I think you already know! shhoooo.. showtime!! (me being jologs) ;)

Lacey day, oversized pants, and Zara’s secret.

Very quick post. I went to do some errands today but was too lazy to dress up. So what do you wear if you’re too lazy to prepare for a nice outfit? Well, I’ll tell you what I wear in a minute.

For now, say hello to my harem pants, or what I like to call the oversized pants. I bought this last year from Zara for $9. tehehe. Oh Zara, I love when you go on sale. Have I told you that I used to work as a senior cashier at Zara Calgary before I got pregnant? Yes. So maybe I can tell you some secrets.

First of all, thank you to my lovely friends from Zara who are always so warm when I visit (Des, Daph, and Dawnn = the tres marias). Zara Canada basically goes on sale twice a year, June and December. For December, we know that they start at boxing day, while for June, they start around mid to end of June (I believe).

Now here’s the secret…. Oh I hope my manager doesn’t mind me sharing this. lol. They do at least 3 reductions on their sale items, that is why I do not  shop at Zara on boxing day… coz that’s only their first reduction. If you go to Zara Calgary right now, you’ll see their orange labels filed up in a tag because they already had their…. nth reduction. This is the time when pants from $60 are now only $20.

I would like to thank the tres marias for updating me every time Zara does their reductions. So yeah… if you want to save money, then I guess you have to wait. The catch for this though is… sometimes they do not have your size because it’s been sold already.

Anyways, back to my outfit. Here it is.

Yes. My hair is “wet”. I was aiming for that wet look for this outfit.. but it wasn’t that successful. lol

top: lacey corset Urban Outfitters ($20) bottom: harem jeans Zara ($9)

Since my bottom is already “boyish” I wanted to add some femininity on the outfit, hence the lacey see-through corset.

and the red lipstick!!!

I love my charm wedges from Gold dot. They are soooo light, also I love the cutouts! They look like my Deena and Ozy wedges, but to be honest… these are better!


So guys, what do you usually wear if you have no time? This is what I wear.

HERE!!!!! I wear an oversize polo, harem pants, and oxford flats! Very simple, but very nice, I believe.

OHHH, the weather today was really good so I did an outdoor shot! The thing though is, after taking this one photo, my camera died. :( Oh well.

What about you? What do you wear when you’re just too lazy to think about it?:)

Where to buy “trendy clothes” online?

I must tell you how bad this weekend is for me… for my whole family!!!!! Let’s just keep it like that. That is why I need to blog. I blog when I feel bad, good, or just bored. :)

I found that my “”where to buy shoes online?” to be the most viewed post that I had! So now, I want to make a post on where to buy trendy clothes, IN THE PHILIPPINES. If you’re from Canada, don’t read this, actually just do read this. Then if we go home for vacation or something, then we know where to buy! :)

Some of my favorite brands including Bottomline, Frou Frou, Pink Manila  do not have websites for online shopping (so sad), but here are some out there which I really like.

The first ones are my favorites!


If you’re a fashionista, then you for sure know Camille Co! Camille Co is THE  Mango’s It Girl for 2014! She basically won the contest out of 5 international bloggers and she won $10,000 in which she was able to give to her chosen charity.

Camille Co is the co-owner of Coexist. You must know though that she is 5’7”!! That’s what I figured out when I was trying their clothes on when I went to the Rockwell Bazaar! The cuts are pretty long, which actually made me look shorter! Their clothes are pretty expensive as well, but for Philippine-brand clothes, they have the best.

Here is Camille Co wearing a yellow wide-leg trouser

They sell their clothes online, but they also have stores in Makati. Visit their multiply site for more info.


H by g. licaros


I’ve tried their bodycon dresses when I went to Rockwell Bazaar, and OMG, they were all so lovely! The only thing I hate about bodycons are of course they are body-huggers! They can easily show your imperfections, aka love handles and tummy fat! But thank you to all those smart people who invented SPANX!!! YAAAAY! lol

Here’s a picture of Maja Salvador wearing one of their bodycons. If you check out their website, this is where Kim Chiu, Jennylyn Mercado, and Toni G get their bodycons! They have the hottest collections!


StyleBreak is the online store of Amethyst from My Binondo Girl, or in real life Ms. Laureen Uy. Yes, she has an online store but several The Ramps Crossings also carry Stylebreak brand as well. I saw one in Trinoma when I visited Philippines.

The prices are pretty decent, ranging from Php 1000, to Php 3000 – really depends on what style you’re getting. I have to say that Laureen has pretty good imagination because her dresses are really stylish! The thing though that I must say is… the quality of their clothes is not really good, but they’re not the only store that does that though. I realized most Philippine-brand clothes use jersey instead of cotton or spandex.

Here’s Laureen Uy with another girl (I think she’s the co-owner, I’m not sure)



I’ve learned about Pinkaholic when I was stalking Stephanie Dy’s blog. She is one of the owners of this brand. I love her blog, and her clothes!!!! Go check out their collections because I must say that their brand is one of my favorite ones out there! They are originally from Butuan, so as what their page says, it will take 2-3 business days for your item to arrive if you’re from Luzon. Oh, they also do not accept international orders. Sad, right? :(

Go check their site for their collections! They’re all pretty! Here’s one that I love! I’ve been looking for this kind of maxi skirt, but I can’t find one here in Canada!



WAGW stands for, I guess you girls would know.. What A Girl Wants! From what I know, their stores really are in Cebu, CDO, and Davao, but they also have one in Robinsons Galleria.

The famous bloggers, Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, etc. are ambassadors of the said brand.

Shipping is not free, it is based on your location and the weight of the items you have bought. They accept G-cash, Paypal, and some bank-to-bank. Check their site for more of their collections! Really chic and in season! :)

Here’s Patricia Prieto modelling a bustier dress. I love bustier dresses! :)



The owners of this brand, Nina Estacio and Joanna Ladrido, I must say are two of the hottest Filipino girls I envy! HAHA. Have you seen Joanna Ladrido’s chictopia?!!?! She changes her LV and other branded bags, like she’s changing her undies! lol

I always adore this brand! They are more on those “more sophisticated, more classy look” which I recently been eyeing about!

They offer online shopping but they also have a store at Makati.

Here’s one of their collections that I really love.



I love their tops! They make these sheer tops, cape tops, etc. They accept bank-to-bank and also G-cash for the payment. Shipping is covered by the buyer though, but they offer discount on bulk orders!

Here’s one of the photos of the sheer top I love! Meet Kryz Uy, a famous blogger, wearing the brand’s top.

Their dresses are all so lovely as well!


Korean Rose

This is the site for Korean-inspired but veeerrryyy cheap clothes! Here’s one that I really like!



If you’re looking for some high low skirts then here’s one that I found. It’s the dooodle dooodle dooodle whoop!. I love saying that.

I just don’t really like this photo, but that’s the “best” one they have. So my advice to the owner of the site, please get a professional or at least really good photographer.. and also a STYLIST! What’s with this photo, but more on what’s with the wig?!

Still, I love that high low skirt!!!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll post another sites if I find more! I seriously love PINKAHOLIC and COEXIST, coz basically they’re one stop shop! That’s why I really didn’t post a lot of websites!.

Okay. I’m going to sleep now! Good night Calgary, good afternoon Philippines! :)

Like Mother Like Son and our colorful pants

I will introduce you to my little fashionist-o and gwapitong baby boy later but for now I’ll show you my outfit first. :)

I know I know… It’s another wide-leg trouser post. Yow dudettes, these pants are in! First of all, you will look very tall when you’re wearing them, so for us Filipinos, this is a must-have!!!!!!! :)

Here’s my outfit for the day. I wanted to do an outdoor shot, but it’s still too cold outside so sorry for the poor lighting AGAIN guys.

Top: Forever21 dress worn as top ($35) ; bottom: wide-leg trousers Forever 21 ($27)

Here’s a close-up of my beautiful face! lol I mean here’s a close-up of my top.

It’s actually a summer dress but I loved the print and thought that it would match my pants, so that’s what I used.

If you’re wondering where I tucked the remaining of the dress – that’s why I used a wide belt! :D

Belt: HM ($20) ; necklace: glass + pearls necklace by Forever 21 ($6)

I love this shot! It looks like a magazine cover! lol I just decided to sit down for you guys to see how it looks so feminine with this pants on! :)

bracelet: pearl necklace by forever 21 used as a bracelet ($18); rings: forever21 ($6 each); watch: Guess ($160)

Oh and yes, I only have one watch! I seriously do not like wearing watches, but I’m a student nurse and I need this for counting your respirations! :)

Shoes: nude pumps by Aldo $140


When I found out two years ago that I was pregnant, I really wanted to have a baby boy but my husband wanted a baby girl (I can’t blame him, he only has 1 sister and then 4 brothers). So when we found out that I was having a baby boy, I was really happy and just told myself “I KNEW IT! That’s why I’m getting ugly!!” (that is a Filipino belief that if you’re getting ugly while you’re pregnant, then your baby will be a boy).

He’s 2 years old, single, and ready to mingle! NOOOO BABY!
I love dressing him up! I actually want to dress up people, but dressing a little kid is always more fun!
Jabi’s wearing: knit top: Zara; bottom : Zara, belt: Zara. OH YEAH, I should have just said that he’s a Zara baby, coz he is!
I love Zara and I will post another blog for that – I actually think it would be my next post.
Oh and his shoes… he’s wearing TOM’S! ONE FOR ONE! I love it when he’s wearing his Tom’s, but for this outfit I actually changed his shoes to his Air Jordan.
As a fashionista, I also want my son to look good. I also want to dress up the boy (a.k.a. husband) but he always refuses. My little boy can’t say anything so he can’t complain.
 I love his skinny red pants! I think it’s so cute!
OHHH, and look at his hair! We made a mohawk! :D
For the last picture, here’s one of me and my son
Thank you guys for reading! :)

Basic with an “ooomph” + DIY necklace

Hello again! So this post is actually a follow-up of my DIY necklace blog which you can find HERE. So for this post, I really want to show you how a simple but chic accessory that I did can enhance the simplest outfit! So what’s more simple than a white tank top and jeans that’s why I am wearing this combo for this post. I think we all have our tank tops and a pair of jeans… but now the question is “how can I add that ooomph with this kind of outfit?”

This is how shitty I look like without make-up and with stress level of 9/10. Sorry guys. :p

So to enhance the look, I added my DIY necklace and added a fedora and my shoes!!!

See that big difference? Look at that boring white top compared to THE top with my red necklace?

I AM SOOOO GOOD AT THIS, right girls?!?! :) ))

I’m not fat, okay?!?! My shirt was not even hugging my body.. it just folded! lol

Another way to enhance the look is to add a LEATHER JACKET!

I think it added so much statement to the simple outfit! Plus the black leather enhanced the beauty of the necklace, and vice versa! :0

Oh and yes, it will be better if I did put more strands, right? I know i know. I’ll add more later! :)

Still, I think it looks cute and very nice to go with any outfit! :)

Especially with my snakeskin red shoes that my brother gave me for Christmas!!! Isn’t he so sweet?!?! I have 4 brothers and a sister. I don’t like calling them brothers-in-law or sister-in-law, since we’re siblings in HEART and not just in-law! lol ( drama actress ka, teh?!)

So that’s it! What do you think guys?! Try to do one this weekend! It’s very easy and very cheap as well. I paid just $2.50 for the chain and I was able to use it for two necklaces!

Thanks for reading guys! :)

The very simple DIY necklace

Yeheeey, it’s Friday!!! Don’t you love Fridays? As a Seventh-day Adventist, I love Fridays because that’s the time when we just meditate and just “rest.” You want to know more about my religious belief? :) I’ll skip that for now. Another reason why I love Fridays is that I get to spend the night with my in-laws! I love my in-laws and seriously I’m very lucky to have them. They take care of my little son, baby sits when I have test, they have the best Filipino foods, ooohh and they have good-looking genes!

Anyways, since it’s the weekend I realize I should do a DIY, and this week I’ll do a DIY necklace! This is inspired by the great jewelry designer Ericson Manansala. I will post his Facebook url here next time so keep checking! He sponsors Shaina Magdayao, Ruffa G, Yeng Constantino, and a lot more.

This is very easy, I actually spent $1.50 dollars doing this (even way cheaper if I buy what I need from the Philippines). So here it goes.

All you need is an old shirt and a scissor. I actually forgot to take a picture with the CHAIN. So yeah, you also need a CHAIN.

Cut the shirt horizontally to get strips. You decide how many strips you want.

Hold the two ends, and STREEEETCCCHHHH them apart!

Stretch them one by one to make sure they’re fully stretched. (That was an awkward sentence! lol)

 To know that they’ve been stretched nicely, they should be “rolling inwards”

You’ll see what I’m talking about once you do it. :)

Then stretch them all apart

Cut both sides of each strand (seams) to have something like this:

Then get your chain, make sure that your chains diameter is big enough to tie the cloth strands on it.

Now, just tie the strands while make sure that you’re following a systemic pattern.

something like this. You see how they’re both tied on the same side of the chain, also same way of tying it? Yes, you have to be that concise! :) I’m skipping a chain first, do this so it’s not that confusing. Do one side first, then the next after.

See here how they have the same knot? :)

You’re getting there! Now just do the chains you’ve missed. Lay the chain flat first to make sure you’re doing it in a pattern.

When you’re done tying all of them, cut the end of the knots. :)



See how simple that was? I made it really simple, but you can make it more complicated if you want to. :) )

Also, cut the end of the necklace to your desire length.

Here’s another one I did in which I combined two different shirt colors. :)

For this one, I used two strand per chain since I didn’t want gaps between the strands. You can do that as well. Also, I made the dark blue ones short and the lighter ones very long. I’ll make an outfit for this blue one soon! :)

So now, you’ve something to do this weekend! Just look for a shirt that you have no plans in using again and just follow these procedures! :)

I’ll be posting how this accessory can make just a basic outfit really stand out! I’ll post it in an hour so watch out for that!


Sheer shirt and my JC dupe

I told you what I usually wear everyday (what do you normally wear to school), but today I wanted to step up and move away from my comfort zone, hence this outfit!

From now on I’ll be posting the price of what I’m wearing. You may think that I have a lot of clothes, but they’re all cheap!!! :) ) So that’s a tip.. this 2014, go for cheaper but in-trend clothes!

Top: Sirens ($17)  bottom: Bottomline (Philippines) Php 1300

I love the details of these pants. Maria la del Barrio was wearing one in an episode!


She was wearing the black one anyways. lol

Shoes: Go Jane ($41.50)

Rings: forever21 $6; feather necklace: forever21 $12; tassel necklace: DIY; watch: GUESS

I love my DIY necklace. Tassels are in! If you live in the Philippines here’s a site where most bloggers get their accessories – BUBBLES!!

You will also get inspirations for your next outfit since they post pictures of their fashionista clients! So check it out! :)

So that’s my outfit! What do you think? Ohhhh and I got a lot of stares today because of my shoes! When you wear these babies, you’ll be the talk of the town or I mean the university. lol :) )

Speaking of the shoes, I LOVE THE COLOR of this JC dupes from Go Jane! The thing is they are not comfortable at all! Poor legs getting cramps! :) ) That didn’t even make sense!

That’s all for now. I’ll do a DIY video of how to make a tassel necklace soon.

Oh hey, and if you want me to do something.. a look or anything like that.. then  just tell me! Message me on Facebook or comment me here! :)


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